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Causes for ice machine shutdown

Mar 29,2024

When using the ice machine on a daily basis, it may happen that the machine shuts down just a few minutes after it is turned on or stops just after it is started. What is the cause of this failure? How to solve it?

plate ice machine 

Causes and solutions for ice maker shutdown:

1. The tap water inlet is not turned on and the heat dissipation is not good.

Solution: Check whether the tap water switch is turned on, whether there is anything blocking the heat dissipation port of the machine, and whether the radiator of the air-cooled machine has not been cleaned for a long time. If so, clean the radiator. When cleaning the radiator, do not use hard objects to clean it, use a brush and polyester instead.

2. Check whether the ice-full switch is damaged

Solution: Use a power meter to test and see if the ice-full switch is normally closed when the water deflector is closed. If so, it proves that there is no damage. Otherwise, replace the ice-full switch, or check whether the magnet opposite the ice-full switch is magnetic.

 eating snow ice maker

3. High voltage switch open circuit

Solution: Use a power meter to measure and see if the high-voltage switch is normally closed when the machine is shut down. If so, it is normal. Otherwise, replace the high-voltage switch or short-circuit the two wires of the open-pressure switch on the computer board.