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Ice machine common type and working principle and electric control

Jun 13,2014

One, the important category of common ice machine:

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Two, ice-making machine principle of work
The water storage tank of chilled water pump continuously circulating through the plate or compartment of the evaporator; the operation of the compressor after inspiratory - compression exhaust condensation (LP) - throttle - again in the evaporator to -10 to -18 degrees low temperature evaporation vaporization. Chilled water at 0 degrees of temperature constant at a temperature of the evaporator surface condense into ice. When the ice condensation to a certain thickness, refrigerant evaporating temperature reaches the set temperature after the temperature control, switching on defrosting electromagnetic valve is often used in heat pump type deicing, and then realize the next cycle.
Three, the principle of electrical control work:
To tell us your opinion ice-making machine working principle, circuit principle is based on the ice maker working principle is not deviate from the. The first phase of ice : the work of the components are: compressor, water pump, fan. Second phases of ice to a certain thickness of low temperature sensors ( there are several sensors : temperature, thermal resistance, pressure controller ( ice thickness of back pressure of the low ), ice thickness sensor and see your ice machine is that a ), started China cream (also called ice off the ice cream ) third phases of China:
 work element; compressor, defrosting electromagnetic valve, a water inlet electromagnetic valve water inlet. ( now the water pump and cooling fan stopped ) in fourth stages: Hua cream over ice fell off after sensor perception after a repeat of the first stage. Go round and begin again. Ice after the ice age sensor machine stop working.