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Ice making machine instructions

Jun 13,2014

One.Function characteristics:

Our company produces automatic snow ice machine is a cuboid shape, beautiful appearance, with continuous ice making, ice faster, the characteristics of large quantity of ice. From the water inlet to note ice, ice, ice, ice storage and a series of process to achieve automatic computer control of continuous ice-making, if there is water or ice storage refrigerator full of ice ice machine operation panel on the corresponding indicator exhibit of lanterns shining, ice ice machine automatically shut down, have very good protection function. Due to storage tank made of hard foam structure, good insulation properties, so that the system is not easy to melt the ice.

Two.notice of before use:

1 when carrying body tilt angle not larger than 45 °, prohibit the inverted, so as not to cause the compressor or refrigeration system fault.

2 ice ice machine used for the first time, five minutes before the ice for the pipeline system in the cleaning process, the ice unfit for human consumption, such as 5~8 minutes after the ice can be eaten.

3 not in the ice ice machine is placed on articles or water container.

4 ice ice machine in place attention adjustable flat foot, used for the first time should park for 12 hours and then boot.

5 ice ice machine not in outdoor use, can not be directly spraying water, not placed in damp or easy to get wet.

6 do not use wet hand to touch the plug and other live parts.

7 ice ice machine should be placed away from the heat source, the surrounding no corrosive gas, good ventilation around the plane, leaving at least 150mm space, in order to ensure the free flow of air.

8 drainage pipe outlet should be less than the body, is convenient for drainage.

9 wire rated capacity should be more than 10A, wire cross-sectional area is greater than or equal to 0.75mm², conductor can be a single unit, can also be multiple unit. Set rated current of 10A fuse.

10 not to damage the power line, if processing, pulling, binding power line, or in the supply line placed heavy words, once the outsourcing line power line damaged, there may be damaged, leading to electric shock or fire.

11 power supply range:

187V~242V 50Hz

12 in addition to professional repair personnel, other people never to open the ice ice machine repair.

13 the absolute prohibition on machine transformation.

14 temperature range: Environment: 10 ℃ ~35 ℃,

15 must use independent of the socket, and a good grounding wire.

Three. structure sketch map:

Four.Using the four methods:

1 remove the outer package, and from the ice storage box out randomly attached file bag and a water inlet pipe, drainage pipe, ice spoon, gaskets and other accessories.

2 ice ice machine placed ventilation, and wall to maintain not less than 150mm of space, away from the heat source, to ensure that the machines placed steadily.

3 will be attached with a diameter of 12 soft plastic corrugated pipe and the machine back drainage head 10 is connected with the water storage box, another port in ( with ) or sewer mouth.

4 will be attached with a water inlet pipe section connected to the potable water supply pipe with 3/4 " joint screw tap, water supply pipe of hydraulic 1.5~3Kg/cm ², with the other end of the ice machine back water head screwed joint 8 is connected, attention in connection, water inlet pipe ends shall be placed ( sealing gasket random distribution).

5 insert the plug, the rocker switch on the operation panel is pressed, the operation panel on the running lights, ice ice machine begins to work, ice machine, ice from water to ice, the ice, ice storage implement automatic ice-making, if storage refrigerator ice load reaches a certain level, operation panel on the ice full exhibit of lanterns lit, ice ice machine automatically stops; when the external water pipe water or water supply fault occurs, the operation panel on water exhibit of lanterns lit, the machine will automatically stop.

Five.daily maintenance:

1 regardless of compressor for whatever reason ( water, ice, such as excessive amount of power ) and stop, not continuous start, every 5min started again, so as not to damage the compressor.

2, check into the water outlet pipe joint, so that the handle may be more than a small amount of water leakage.

3 ice ice machine when not in use, should drain the remaining water in the inner container, dry with a clean cloth storage refrigerator, remove the box back blow down joint cover 9, to drain the remaining water in the box, then tighten the drain cover joints 9

4 when the ambient temperature is reduced to below 0 ℃, ice may be, must be drainage operations, will let out the water, otherwise may cause the inlet tube rupture.

5 the drain pipe should be checked annually for 1~2 times, to prevent clogging.

6 on ice ice machine for cleaning, inspection and for more than a week when not in use, please unplug the power plug. The pl

Causes failure elimination method

Ice ice machine is not working power supply voltage is lower than the specified limit 187V, the power plug or socket contact immediately shut down, and so returned to normal after the start voltage

Operation panel of water supply system water lights 1

2 tap water pressure is too low to check the 1 water supply system, to ensure the normal water supply, restart

2 hydraulic pressure shall be not less than 1Kg/cm ²

The compressor does not work 1 water

2 Ice Age

The 3 compressor stopped ( shell temperature too high ) 1 check the water supply system

In 2 out of part of crushed ice

3 downtime 1 hours after the boot

The compressor working but not ice 1 refrigerant leakage

2 refrigeration system blocking

The 3 electromagnetic valve normally open

4 condensing fan does not turn to add refrigerant and leak detection

1 nitrogen system replacement filter drier

2 electromagnetic valve replacement

3 check condenser fan is running

Operation panel fault lights out of ring temperature caused by too low water inlet plug or mechanical failure and ring temperature rise to 10 degrees above and ice or by a professional maintenance personnel to repair