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ZHENGZHOU NANBEI INSTRUMENT EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. is a leading integrated supplier of equipment field in China, after years of development, it has become a collection of research, development, production and sales as one of the independent legal personality of the diversified high-tech group company, headquartered in Zhengzhou City, Chinese. (international air port), and set up offices in Beijing China Shanghai, Shenzhen

The advantages of cooperation:

1、Agents enjoy cooperative proxy price NANBEI, in the region of profits protection agents.

2、The regional general agent in NANBEI to share product information, market information, customer information, improve your company in the local area of influence, so as to enhance the business agent.

3、The products after years of development, its products have been sold all over the world, excellent product quality has been recognized by our customers

4、NANBEI have a professional product planning and marketing team, to promote the sales of our products in the global scope

5、NANBEI is very willing to share with you the new sales model. In the specific implementation process to help dealers to break through the bottleneck of business model, breaking the single business philosophy, expand the scope of sales, and ultimately benefit both sides

The requirement of cooperation:

1、Instrument and equipment, instrumentation, MRO Industries Ltd.

2、The company has an independent product technical service, sales, maintenance, management team, has the certain ability of business management

3、Have a strong brand awareness, and jointly safeguard the NANBEI brand in the local influence

4、The company formulated with annual sales targets, sales performance and brand promotion.

5、Identity proxy mode civil company, and the implementation of NANBEI the price system, mutual benefit and win.

6、Recommended to buy the company main products for customers, as the trial in the prototype in the region

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Mobile phone: 86-15890068607

E-mail: nanbeiinstrument@nanbei-china.com

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