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How to use laboratory ice maker properly

Feb 29,2024

The ice machine is one of the commonly used equipment in the laboratory, and most of them produces ice in the shape of snowflakes. Many people do not know how to use ice machines correctly. Wrong use methods will cause varying degrees of damage to laboratory ice machines.

ice cube maker 

Correct use of laboratory ice making machine:

1. Check the power supply and water source. Check the power supply and water source before use to avoid debris blocking the heat dissipation vent;

2. Check whether the water inflow is normal, test a function before use. Check the amount of water in the water storage tray, and determine whether the water inflow is normal;

3. If there is no damage, power on the ice machine and start the compressor to start making ice;

4. Pay attention to the ice making time. The first ice making time of the laboratory ice making machine is about 20-35 minutes, and then about 12-15 minutes. If the ice making time is too long, stop immediately for inspection;

5. Pay attention to cleaning. The ice machine can be cleaned every 15 days to clean and disinfect the inside of the water tank;

6. Pay attention to whether the ice machine is running abnormally. If any abnormality is found, stop using it immediately.

 snow ice machine

In addition, when installing the lab ice maker, pay attention to the installation location, keep it away from places with high temperature, avoid direct sunlight, and install it in a place with good ventilation and suitable temperature.