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How to handle ice machine not unloading ice

Jan 26,2024

Regardless of a split or integrated cube ice machine, it is inevitable that the ice will not fall off during operation. However, this situation usually occurs with ice machines that have been used for a long time. How to deal with the problem that the integrated cube ice machine does not unload ice?

automatic ice machine 

How to deal with the problem that the integrated cube ice machine does not unload ice:

1. The ice cube is too thin

When the ice cubes are too thin, all the ice cubes melt on the ice tray before they fall, and a new tray of ice cubes is made.

Way to adjust the ice thickness: adjust the ice thickness probe of the ice machine. If it is a screw adjustment, turn the screw inward to make the ice thicker, and vice versa to make the ice thinner.

2. Ice tray cleaning

The ice tray needs to be cleaned if it is too dirty. Pay attention to the use of detergent , and effectively keep the ice tray clean.

3. Condensation water problem

If the condensation water production is too large, there will be condensation water during defrosting. This can be solved by adjusting the pressure shut-off valve to reduce the amount of water.

4. The defrost valve is not opened

The defrost valve does not open. First connect the defrost valve to electricity to see if it can be opened. If it can be opened, the computer board is faulty. If it cannot be opened, the defrost valve is faulty, and needs to be replaced.

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The ice machine is a refrigeration mechanical equipment that generates ice after the water is cooled by the refrigerant of the refrigeration system through the evaporator, adopts the refrigeration system, and uses water as a carrier to create ice after passing through a certain device in a powered state. Ice machines can be divided into commercial ice machines, household ice machines, and industrial ice machines.