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How to reduce ice machine noise

Nov 29,2023

When an ice machine produces noise, it may cause disruption to the indoor environment and user comfort. Here are some ways to fix your ice machine noise problem.

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1. Position and isolation

Place the ice maker on a stable, flat surface to ensure its stability. Use anti-vibration or sound-absorbing pads to isolate the ice maker from the tabletop to reduce the possibility of transmitted noise. Additionally, locating the ice maker away from active areas or against a wall can reduce the spread of noise.

2. Maintenance and cleaning

Regular maintenance and cleaning of ice maker will reduce the potential for friction and noise. Clean the filter, water lines, and condenser inside to make sure they are clear of obstructions. At the same time, check whether the parts and connections are loose or worn, and repair or replace them in time if necessary.

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3. Sound insulation material

Using soundproof materials around the ice maker, such as soundproof panels, sound-absorbing sponges, soundproof mats, etc., can reduce the transmission and reflection of noise.

4. Install a soundproof cover

The soundproof cover is made of sound-absorbing material that encases the ice maker, reducing the transmission of noise and the noise level.

5. Low-noise ice maker

Choose a low-noise model and choose a low-decibel ice maker to reduce noise interference.

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If the ice making machine makes unusual noises or the noise is too noticeable, it may be a sign of malfunction or damage. In this case, it is recommended to contact the after-sales service center or professional maintenance personnel for inspection and repair.