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Tips for using ice machine

Sep 28,2023

Ice making machine is a refrigeration mechanical equipment that generates ice after cooling water by the refrigerant of the refrigeration system through the evaporator. According to the shape of the ice, it can be divided into granular ice making machine, cylindrical ice making machine, cube ice making machine, snowflake ice making machine, flake ice machine, and tubular ice machine, etc.

coffee shop ice maker 

Ice machine usage tips:

1. First of all, when placing the ice machine, make sure that the gap between the back and sides and the wall cannot be less than 750, and the gap at the top cannot be less than 1500.

2. When choosing a location, it should be away from heat sources, preferably without direct sunlight, and with good ventilation. The indoor temperature should not exceed 35°C, so as to ensure the ice-making effect.

3. The best choice for the power supply used by the ice machine is an independent power supply, which must be equipped with a special fuse and leakage protection device, and must be grounded.

4. In addition, after the ice machine has been used for several months, the water pipes, water tanks, storage bins and protective films should be cleaned regularly.

 snow ice machine

The ice maker should not be placed in the open air. It is better to install it in a safe, clean and well-ventilated environment. The operating environment should not be lower than 5℃ and not higher than 40℃, so as to avoid excessive temperature affecting the heat dissipation of the condenser and failing to achieve good ice-making effect.