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Why ice produced by snowflake ice maker turn into slushy form?

Aug 31,2023

The ice produced by snowflake ice maker is relatively humid, with a water content of generally between 15% and 25%, a temperature slightly below zero, and it has good plasticity and is easy to take and accumulate. The ice produced is in the shape of amorphous fine particles of snowflake-like crushed ice, which can penetrate into narrow gaps and has fast cooling speed and good ice bath effect.

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In usual case, the ice cubes produced by snowflake ice machine are in the shape of small snowflakes. If the ice cubes produced turn into slushy form, it is because the speed of adding water to the snowflake ice machine is too fast. The cooling capacity cannot completely condense the water into ice, so it becomes a mixture of ice and water, which appears in slushy form. It is recommended to control the speed when adding water. Reduce the amount of water inflow. When the ice produced is normal, slowly adjust the water inflow to an appropriate speed, which can ensure that flaky ice is produced without water.

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The ice-making machine has a wide range of applications, including hospitals, schools, laboratories, scientific research institutes and other occasions, as well as hotels, supermarkets, food preservation, fishing refrigeration, medical applications, chemicals, food processing and other industries.