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Does the ice maker stand for 24 hours?

Jul 29,2023

The ice machine is a refrigeration mechanical device that generates ice after water is cooled by the refrigerant of the refrigeration system through an evaporator. It can usually be divided into commercial ice machines, household ice machines, and industrial ice machines. So, does the ice machine have to stand for 24 hours?

 small ice maker

The ice maker needs to stand, but not for 24 hours, 12 hours is enough. Standing here refers to placing the ice maker correctly and put it there for a period of time before turning it on. The ice maker has experienced bumps and shakes during transportation. The farther the journey is, the more serious the bumps and shakes are, which will cause the lubricating oil inside to flow into other pipelines or into the cylinder of the compressor. At this time, if turned on the ice maker for use, it will cause damage and shorten its service life. In order to allow the lubricant to flow back, it is necessary to place the ice maker  correctly and let it stand for 12 hours before turning it on.

 industrial ice maker

It should be noted that the ice making machine should be kept upright during transportation and unloading, and cannot be inverted or tilted (45° tilt), which is conducive to the return of lubricant. If the ice making machine is transported upside down or tilted (45°) to the destination, even if it is left standing for 24 hours, it will not help, because the refrigerated oil of the compressor flows back into the high-pressure refrigeration system, and the compressor is short of oil, which is not conducive to use. Therefore, the transportation method of the ice making machine is very important and must not be careless.