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Causes and solutions for ice machine not filling water

Dec 29,2022

Ice machines are no strange to many consumers. This kind of product that turns water into ice cubes of different shapes has many applications in life. But in daily use, if the ice machine is not filled with water, how should we solve it?

 bullet ice maker

Causes and solutions for ice maker not filling water:

1. First check the power supply. If the ice maker has been idle for several months, plug in the power supply for the first time use to see if all parts work normally.

2. Check the water circulation system. The water circulation here refers to the water used for ice making. First, connect the ice machine to the water for ice making to see if it automatically feeds water and whether the water pump automatically feeds water. Check whether the water pump works. If the water pump does not work, check whether there is 220v voltage input to the water pump. If not, it is caused by the computer board. If so, it is caused by the water pump, and the water pump must be replaced.

3. 3. The water distribution pipe and the upper water pipe on the ice tray are blocked, which is because it has not been cleaned for a long time. Just remove the upper water pipe and the water distribution pipe for cleaning.

4. Check the heat condition of the fan, and check whether the fan is loose, lack of oil, etc.

5. If it is water cooling, then check to see if the water wheel tube is blocked. If it is blocked, there is no way to dissipate heat. The compressor is overheated, and the ice making machine will stop after working for a while.

 granular ice machine

Ice cubes are often needed in life and work, and the demand for a large amount of ice cubes cannot be met by ordinary refrigerators, so an ice-making machine is needed to produce a large amount of ice cubes.

cube ice making machine