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Types of Commercial Ice Maker

Aug 26,2022

The ice maker is a refrigeration mechanical device that cools water by the refrigerant in the refrigeration system through an evaporator to generate ice, and usually can be divided into commercial ice maker, home ice maker, industrial ice maker. So, what types of commercial ice makers are there?

snow flake ice machine 

Types of commercial ice maker:

1. Split type ice maker

Split type ice maker means that the refrigeration compressor and the ice bucket are separated. When the customer receives such an ice machine, the two parts are also packaged separately, and it is only necessary to lift the compressor part onto the ice bucket. This kind of ice machine has a large amount of ice production and ice storage in the ice bucket. Generally, tea shops and milk tea shops use this type of ice-making machine.

 plate ice maker

2. Integrated ice machine

This type of ice maker can also be called an embedded ice maker, and can be built into the water bar. This design makes the combination of ice maker and water bar more flexible. It can be made into a water bar built-in ice maker at room temperature, or a water bar built-in ice maker with refrigeration, freezing or dual temperature functions. This ice machine is suitable for some smaller stores.

 seawater flake ice machine

3. Bar ice making machine

As the name suggests, this is an ice machine that mainly meets the needs of the bar. The ice maker is made into a whole countertop with the water bar. This design allows the bartender to take the ice cubes directly and conveniently from the ice machine at the bar.