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Reason Why Snowflake Ice Maker Keeps Draining During Work

Apr 22,2021
The ice maker is a refrigeration mechanical equipment that generates ice after being cooled by the refrigerant in the refrigeration system of the evaporator. The adopted refrigeration system, the principle and production method of the evaporator of the whole equipment are different, and the shape of the ice cubes produced will be different. The ice types include square ice, flake ice, snowflake ice, bullet ice, pearl ice, tubular ice, fluid ice, and spherical ice. These ice types have different uses and needs in different industries.
During the use of the ice machine, if you want the machine to operate normally and efficiently, you must do a good job in the daily maintenance of it, and master certain knowledge and use experience related to it, which can help us solve some problems in use in time. Next, the reason why the snowflake ice machine has been draining during the ice-making process will be listed.
The problem of the snowflake ice maker draining during the ice-making process is caused by the ice blockage in the system. The reasons are analyzed as follows: 
1. After the evaporator is damaged, long-term startup will bring the water molecules in the  refrigerating chamber and the water vapor molecules in the air into the compressor. When the evaporator is turned on, negative pressure will appear, and atmospheric pressure will bring the damp moisture into the equipment. .
2. In the process of pressure leak test, the water vapor in the air is compressed into water and injected into the pip, which e will cause ice blockage.
3. The process pipe of the machine was not sealed after being opened, and was not maintained in time. If the machine is left idle for a long time, it will form frost, and when it is occasionally turned on, moisture in the air will be brought into the machine from the outside. Another possibility is a compressor that is not sealed but has been left unused for a long time, and it is used on frost without drying treatment, which will cause ice blockage or dirty blockage.
4. The filter drier has been used for too long time, resulting in aging of the machine and failure of the drying and water absorption function.
The internal structure of the snowflake ice-making machine is relatively complicated. Once the ice blockage is found, we should contact the seller in time for after-sales service. Don't deal with it yourself because you don’t know professional technology, which may  cause secondary equipment damage.