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Common Problems and Solutions for Ice Maker(II)

Jan 14,2021
The ice maker is a mechanical device that can cool water into ice through a refrigeration system. The ice made can be used for food cooling or in the cooking process of food to increase the flavor and taste, but the ice making machine will have many failures due to long-term work, and there are corresponding solutions for the different  failures.
VII. 3 indicator lights are flashing cyclically, and the machine does not work
Reason: The machine's ice making and deicing are abnormal.
A. Cut off the power supply and restart the machine. Firstly, check whether the fan and water pump are working normally. If there is any abnormality, fix it first, and then check whether the compressor has started working. If it does not work, check the part near the compressor. If it has started, judge it as the refrigeration system failure, maintain it according to the corresponding method.
B. If there is no fault in the refrigeration system, the ice can be produced normally, but the ice has been produced without deicing, and the machine will work abnormally after 90 minutes and will be shut down for protection. The set of water temperature probes need to use a multimeter to measure (when the temperature of the underwater tank is close to 0 degrees, unplug the three-core wire in the control box, and measure the resistance of the two wires on both sides), if the resistance is above 27K, then the controller is faulty , it should be replaced accordingly. If the resistance is lower than 27K, you need to disconnect any one of the two wires, and adjust the resistance to between 27K and 28K by means of crossover resistors.
VIII. The machine is full of ice and light flashes quickly
Reason: It indicates that the deicing time exceeds the specified time, and the machine will start automatic protection.
A. Generally, in this case, just restart the machine. If it happens repeatedly, check whether the skating board swings up and down flexibly.
B. If the two-way solenoid valve is damaged, this phenomenon will also occur. The machine can cool down, but when the ice cube reaches the set thickness and enters the deicing state, the water pump stops working and the ice does not fall off. The ice will be forced to de-ice during inspection (long hold the button “Select ” for 3 seconds). If there is no obvious air flow in the ice maker, the two-way solenoid valve is considered to be broken, and check whether the solenoid valve has normal power supply. The coil test machine can be replaced, and the valve body itself cannot be opened.
IX. There is no water in the water tank, but no indication for water shortage, and ice cubes are loose and impure
Reason: The fault is because impurities or minerals in the water, which are left in the water tank after multiple ice making, cause the surface of the water level probe to scale and affect the sensitivity of the probe.
Solution: Drain the remaining water, and then clean the inside of the water tank and the surface of the probe.
X. The flow of the spray pipe is not smooth, and some ice cubes are incomplete
Reason: the spray pipe is blocked.
Solution: In the state of controlled water flow, use tweezers or other sharp objects to clean the debris on the water outlet hole on the spray pipe to make sure the flow of water in each hole is unobstructed.
XI. Ice making is normal but dehydration is difficult or not dehydrated
Reason: The two-way solenoid valve is not working or stuck;
Solution: After starting the ice maker and ice cubes are produced by the ice maker, press and hold the button “Select” for 3 seconds to enter the forced deicing state. Touch the solenoid valve by hand. If it does not vibrate, it means that the solenoid valve is not supplied properly. Check the control board and connecting line. If there is vibration, you can repeatedly remove the ice several times, which can solve the stuck problem of some solenoid valves. If there are still problems, the solenoid valve is damaged and needs to be replaced.