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Do industry model - Nanbei ice maker

Jun 16,2014

Nanbei ice maker machine company firmly occupy the market leading position in the field of professional ice machine industry, in the freezer refrigeration equipment such as product brand, quality, performance, price, after-sales service and so on many aspects have unparalleled market competitive advantage.Company has the top production equipment, advanced production technology and modern management mode, strict quality management system, the company main business: ice machine, ice bears ice machine, snow ice machine, flake ice machine, milk tea shop ice machine, block ice machine, commercial ice machine, small ice machine, household ice machine, ice machine, supermarket ice machine, industrial ice making machine, large ice machine etc series products.Products are widely used in restaurant, hotel, food, bars, supermarkets, fisheries, refrigeration, food, amusement parks, plant cooling, vegetables, scientific research, agriculture and animal husbandry, light industry, medical, chemical, health and other departments.Combined with research and development , its own advantages absorb a large number of users and customers ,also have any perfect comments and Suggestions, at the same time with the authority's leading technology researcher and development team in refrigeration institutes, developed many good products with international quality standards , Products are all through the RoHS/CE certification, the implementation of standards Q / 320581 fvd001-2007, and declare a number of product design patents, has developed more than 200 dealerships all over the china ,The company has set up the product marketing department and after-sales service in major regions across the country , the company is  the first brand of ice machine industry in China !