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Ice machine will be in the peak demand , also another industries entering into the peak demand

Jun 14,2014

Summer is the ice machine ‘s peak season for selling and purchasing season ,with ice machine ‘s increase in sales, whiles lead the ice machine itself indispensable accessories and refrigerant

Sales’ increase ,  more or less affect price fluctuations, according to “refrigeration letters ”  refrigerant is into the peak demand season  , R22 and R134a has a continuous rise in price. R22 in April rose 8.49% to 11500RMB /ton, everything up 2.86% to 18000 RMB/ton.In the past month R22 and R134a has a rise of 12.2% and 5.88% respectively. By the Fluorine chemical industry adjust and shuffle within last two years , Now appeared signs of recovery .Supply of R22 and R134a has a tight, downstream demand, is expected to continue to rise in price .