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40kg/24h Snow Flake Ice Maker

40kg/24h Snow Flake Ice Maker

Model:40kg/24h snow flake ice maker
Product Details

 Snow flake ice-making machine

1.       Used the Italy Haitec reducer and Korea GGM motor, with low noise and stable performance
2.       With shutdown protection,when the ice is full or water shortage etc.
3.       Full computer control during the whole ice-making process with imported chips to control reliable and smooth operation.
4.       Electrical safety components are certificated by TUV and VDE
5.       Spiral extrusion hob ice type, compact structure to achieve ice,water automatic separation.
6.       The unique tank float-type water system to ensure that no residual water,saving water and energy.
7.       The ice is amorphous,granular snow ice.it can penetrate into the narrow space, cooling speed.
8.       With power switch and function indicator,detailed operating instructions.


Model Capacity(kg/24h Ice storage capacity(kg) Power Dimension(mm)
NB-20 20 kg/24h 10kg 280w/220v 330×480×605mm
NB-30 30 kg/24h 10kg 300w/220v 330×480×605mm
NB-40 40 kg/24h 15kg 360w/220v 400×543×720mm
NB-50 50 kg/24h 15kg 380w/220v 400×543×720mm
NB-60 60 kg/24h 25kg 420w/220v 400×510×825mm
NB-70 70 kg/24h 25kg 460w/220v 400×510×825mm
NB-85 85 kg/24h 25kg 480w/220v 400×510×825mm
NB-100 100 kg/24h 40kg 520w/220v 500×611×940mm
NB-120 120 kg/24h 40kg 550w/220v 500×611×940mm
NB-150 150 kg/24h 40kg 680w/220v 500×611×940mm
NB-200 200 kg/24h 60kg 520w×2/220v 680×611×1100mm
NB-250 250 kg/24h 60kg 550w×2/220v 680×611×1100mm
NB-300 300 kg/24h 100kg 1360w/220v 560×870×1580mm
NB-380 380 kg/24h 100kg 1520w/220v 560×870×1580mm
NB-500 500 kg/24h 200kg 1650w/220v 760×860×2050mm


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