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NB-25 25kg/24h Cylindrical Ice Maker

NB-25 25kg/24h Cylindrical Ice Maker

Model:NB-25 25kg/24h Cylindrical Ice Maker
Product Details

NB-25 25kg/24h Cylindrical Ice Maker

NB-25 Luxury Ice Maker Features and Application:
1)Luxurious appearance and compact design.
2)Fully automatic control, convenient for use.
3)Side air inlet and side air outlet; mixing type ice making; highly transparent ice.
4)Detection and protection in case of overload, water shortage and full ice level.
5)Highly efficient freon-free compressor, economical and energy-saving.
6) Widely applied to pubs, ice bars, hamburger shops, cold drinks shops, fast food restaurants, bake-ries and cafes.

NB-25 Automatic Luxury Ice Maker:

  Item No.   NB-25
  Ice making capacity(kg/24h)   25
  Ice stroage capacity(kg)   6
  Input current(w)   240
  Way of condensation   Air cooling
  Way of influent   Automatic water tap
  Tank shell   Stainless steel
  Ice shape   Cylindrical bullet ice
  Compressor / refrigerant   Imports of CFC-free/134a
  Overal dimension(L×W×H)   380×543×662
  Net weight(kg)   31
  Applicable area   Pubs, dance halls, gyms, 
  cold drinks shops, cafes and
  convenience stores.


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